a givenchy purse for $60 - and it’s filled with makeup!

by faran krentcil

Before Blair Waldorf had the YSL Muse Bag, teen girls across New York stole their moms' Louis Vuitton makeup cases and wore them around town as purses. Sarah Jessica Parker even picked up the trend on an episode of Sex and the City, making it more than acceptable to carry your cosmetics sack as an evening bag (as long as it was designer, of course).

So we're more than a bit thrilled with Givenchy's latest Sephora promotion, which includes six mini products (perfume, lip gloss, mascara....) inside a purple suede pouch.  The whole thing sells for $59, which is a pretty good deal - especially if you're an in-the-closet label junkie, who'd buy a whole bag of makeup just for the fashion cred...

Get it at Sephora