NYFW Trend Horoscopes

be prepared to be styled by the stars

by christie craft

New York Fashion Week is always an epically star-studded spectacle bursting at the seams with cultural commentary. Mere mortals are allowed a glimpse at who the future tastemakers are, but with so many trend projections swirling around, who’s to say what everyone will really be wearing come spring, let alone next fall and winter? Let astrology do the styling for you. From wearable technology and Pantone’s colorway domination to a sartorial take on Cuba, read on for your complete astrological guide to New York Fashion Week’s hottest trends.

Aquarius: Wearable Tech

Innovation and design have enjoyed a long and stable relationship, but the tryst between fashion and technology was written in the stars at NYFW this year with fashion pioneers Chromat teaming up with computer mogul Intel to create a unique collection of glowing dresses and sportswear. Future fashion is here, and it takes the progressive, visionary mind of forward-thinking Aquarius to harness it. Cerebral Aquarius is the first to be obsessed with the latest social media platform and the next greatest gadget. This air sign values independence and humanitarian efforts and is more likely to hop on the next tech bandwagon if it’s championed by a notable entrepreneur or supporting a noble cause. Water Bearers are known to be rebellious, but they're also known for their healthy habits. You can bet they'll be first to line up for Public School x Fitbit’s chic new fitness tracker, Fitbit Alta, due out later in 2016.

Pisces: ‘90s Raver Nostalgia

When a powerhouse name like Calvin Klein throws a party that rages until 3am in a Brooklyn, New York, warehouse—attended by no other than Lily-Rose Depp, Zoë Kravitz, Bella Hadid, and Frank Ocean, to name only a mere handful—you know ‘90s rave culture is a “thing” again. Fluorescent lights and smoke machines are Pisces’ trippy faves, second only to transcending realities with the help of a little mind-altering substance or two. Water signs are revered for their supernatural ability to withstand emotional depths, lending to their creativity and artistic streak. Pisces’ ruling planet Neptune connects these people to photography as well as electronic music and DJing. Alexander Wang offered a nostalgic look at the '90s gone rotten in spades with saucy bubblegum pink beanies and retro mohair halter tops emblazoned with words like “strict” and “girls.” Don’t be surprised if you spot one of those fuzzy beanies in the music booth atop your It-Girl DJ’s head the next time you rave—chances are, she’s a Pisces.  

Aries: Pantone Palettes

Pantone’s dual hues for 2016—Rose Quartz, a dusty floral pink, and Serenity, a powdery blue as tranquil as its name suggests—have been blooming all over runways and street style blogs as of late. At first blush, these colors seem too juvenile and coquettish for a sign ruled by aggressive Mars. But Aries’ POV is seen through a competitive, youthful lens, bucking tradition and diving into challenges headlong, as seen in the baby pink shades splashed all over Alexander Wang’s fall collection. These folks are keen experts at bringing out the bold and daring, even in pastels, with graphic colorblocking and boxy, Mod-inspired shapes. Just steer clear of any major investment pieces—once the trend fades, Aries will drop Pantone like it’s hot and be on to the next one.

Taurus: Fancy Sweats

Who needs to actually get dressed when buzzy names like Yeezy and Fenty are making it perfectly acceptable to leave the house in something more fitting for nibbling leftovers over the kitchen sink than sitting front row at Bottega Veneta? Taurus’ main goal is to enjoy life’s lighter side to the fullest, opting for simplicity and efficiency over elaborate detail. Lounging is what this stubborn and sometimes lazy sign does best, and there’s no better uniform for that lifestyle than the oversized crewneck sweatshirts and relaxed lounge pants. Ruled by Venus, Taureans are sensitive to touch and will love the soft, super-luxe feel of cashmere loungewear. Even better, styling sweats is a cinch, meaning you can hit snooze for optimal Z’s. Snag a pair of joggers or a unisex crewneck in earthy neutrals and snuggle up.

Gemini: Shine On

Disco fever has been hot for a few seasons now, but no single trend transports us back to the golden era of ‘70s NYC quite like metallic lamé and glitzy sequins, seen dressed up and down at 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, and Sonia Rykiel. Inquisitive and sociable, Geminis have a knack for capturing the spotlight of any soiree with their wit and banter. Imagine the star power an outgoing Gemini could achieve by donning a shiny, pleated maxi skirt or by throwing on a gold warm-up jacket over a granny sweater and tailored trousers. Mixed-and-matched textures and light-catching hues keep you on your bright, brainy toes, but just be mindful of balance: You’re prone to go overboard with Mercury as your planetary ruler. There’s a fine line separating edgy and glamorous from Ziggy Stardust bag lady. (Though both sound pretty cool, TBH.)

Cancer: Carmen Sandiego Layers

Flowy trenches, cloaked over ultra-fuzzy knits, swept NYFW runways as well as street style this year. Bulky is better with this trend—think of each bold layer as pieces of armor, either shielding against the plunging temps or the general public. Aptly symbolized by the crab, Cancer knows a thing or two about wearing a protective shell. Chunky sweaters with draped cowl necks and overly long sleeves are perfect for tucking into for quick comfort, an absolute essential for these sensitive souls, who are practically inseparable from their cozy homes. This moon-ruled sign is notoriously private—shy creature for whom maintaining an air of mystery comes naturally. Their style is illustrated gloriously by the dark, neutral capes and jewel-toned accents at BCBG Max Azria, Kate Spade New York, and Banana Republic. Sherlock Holmes and Carmen Sandiego would go mad with envy.

Leo: Power Suits in Power Prints

Commanding and immaculately tailored, no trend seen at NYFW is at once as regal as it's obnoxiously loud as the printed power suits sent down runways at Givenchy, Ellery, and Giambattista Valli. Fire signs seize any opportunity to thrust themselves into the limelight, but it’s not all frippery and fanfare. Leos are natural leaders with a talent for inspiring and organizing groups, illustrated by their love of can’t-miss graphic patterns paired with sharp cigarette skirts and sleek blazers. Candy-coated colors splashed across business tailoring seen on the luxe power suits at Jason Wu insist that playtime can merge with professional ambition and expensive taste, which is practically a road map of Leo’s life goals. An urgent sense of drama rocks Leo’s world, yet no matter how ostentatious their presentation might seem, these lions carry the crown with class and a warm-hearted sense of fun and generosity.

Virgo: Gucci Geek

Move over, Urkel—one of NYFW’s most stylish trends may also be one of the most practical, but the Gucci Geek is not for the basic. Virgos, ruled by the earth element, are firmly grounded people with a sixth sense for pragmatism. Virgo’s sheer brainpower and logical mind make them well-suited for scholastic pursuits, poring over their studies until exacting assignments and mastering the discipline they’ve dedicated themselves to. Gucci’s runway looks could’ve been ripped from the computer lab but remain remarkably versatile, staying miles away from preppy by employing punky dark tartans, leather accents, and heavy, Harry Potter-esque coke bottle frames. Because Virgo tends to be rigidly detailed and picky, these sharp folks are often misconstrued as cold. Show off your sophisticated lighter side with a tidy bow neck blouse in airy, feminine chiffon, coupled with tweed, as seen at Kate Spade New York. Finish by turning up the sex appeal with a set of lofty taxi heels and knee-length socks.

Libra: Animal Magnetism

There’s a not-so-new wild card on the side of any savvy minimalistic dresser: animal prints. Cheetah, classic leopard, and even zebra outerwear made appearances on runways from Alexander Wang to Calvin Klein, branding animal patterns as the “new neutrals.” Artistic, style-savvy Libras loves timeless simplicity when it comes to style. They possess grace in spades and rarely are without a social invitation to fulfill on any given night. These social extroverts are ruled by air as well as Venus, giving Libra an edge when it comes to achieving their ideals of beauty. A classy, floor-dusting, faux cheetah overcoat makes an edgy statement when paired with creepers and a mini dress, like at Stella McCartney. Or take a tip from Sonia Rykiel and soften the trend with a cropped leopard sweater thrown over a wide-leg trouser and a strappy heel.

Scorpio: Bedroom Boudoir

From daring hip slits (think: Angelina Jolie’s 2012 Oscars dress) to bondage-inspired leather chokers and all kinds of kinky, lacy, silky, sexy things in-between, the boudoir is stepping out of the bedroom. Wearing next-to-lingerie looks, like those seen at Dior and Fendi, shouldn’t be taken lightly—and neither should Scorpio, who’s ruled by Pluto, the planet of death, sex, and transformation. Lovers of all things dark and spooky and with a flair for the dramatic, these bewitching water signs could easily hypnotize anyone with their magnetism. Tap into Scorpio’s primal sexual nature with a slinky lace maxi dress under a Casablanca-esque camel trench coat, topped off with glossy burgundy lips, as seen at Nina Ricci. Or take a tip from Givenchy’s runway offerings and channel Courtney Love with a spring-ready, silk-and-lace slip dress, bomber jacket, and Doc Martens or oxfords.

Sagittarius: Havana Mama

Since the U.S. re-established diplomacy and loosened travel restrictions to Cuba, the chic set is racing to discover the island’s sweetest offerings before anyone else does. Fun-loving Sagittarians are the wanderers of the zodiac, easily lured with an exotic locale and the promise of adventure—not to mention, twirlable tea-length skirts, smart two-piece suits in fiery corals, wristfuls of colorful bangles, and the return of the Cuban heel. If you’re a Sag, you’ve probably already been to Cuba, befriended the locals at a neighborhood mojito spot, danced all night on the beach, and can recommend a sick Airbnb. And if not, you’re dying inside to go. Wear your wanderlust on your sleeve literally with a bird-of-paradise printed maxi dress and thong sandals, like the models at Valentino. Does Havana fever feel too costumey for the sporty fire sign? Try one of the hibiscus-embroidered crewneck sweaters featured at Trademark instead.

Capricorn: Brokeback Mountain

Farmhands ain’t got nothing on the denim-on-denim Canadian tuxedos, earthy buckskin, and cozy shearling lining and trims seen at Burberry Prorsum, Acne Studios, and Stella McCartney to name—seriously—only a few. Inspired by the rough-and-tumble life on the rural range, these looks are made for hard work. No astrological sign appreciates hard work like a Capricorn. Earth signs to their core, Capricorns are empowered by putting their nose to the grindstone, receiving a spiritual, meditative high from their work. Caps also tend to be “uniform dressers."