Sunday Sizzle: Atlas Genius Proves Aussies Know How to BBQ

Your perfect summertime playlist

Atlas Genius has been tearing up the alt-rock scene for some time now, producing dance pop that's criminally infectious. In 2011, the band released their first single "Trojans," following it up with more hits on their debut album When It Was Now, which garnered solid reviews and saw the Australian rockers get compared to Phoenix. 

The band, which is made up of brothers Keith and Michael Jeffery, continued its impressive climb with last year's Inanimate Objects. Knowing their musical tastes, we reached out to ask about their barbecue preferences. Frontman Keith had some delicious and vegetarian requests: "BBQs in Australia remind me of Christmas time and Australia Day. We usually get the veggie sausages that 'field roast' make, as well as some veggie burger patties, and make burgers, hot dogs and some kind of potato salad. I have strong childhood memories of our family gatherings at these BBQs before everybody moved interstate and overseas."

Such a feast needs proper tunes, and Keith was not short on bands that could suffice (along with proper drink pairings), saying, "If I'm at BBQ I want to hear Empire of the Sun, AC/DC, The Vines, early Foo Fighters, ABBA, and Sublime—songs that are in my DNA, that we can endlessly argue the virtues of while drinking Bloody Marys and Coopers Pale Ale."

Atlas Genius just wrapped up a tour with Bear Hands, and they'll be playing a few festivals in the coming months, including a stop at Austin City Limits on October 9. In the meantime, check out the video for "Balladino," the latest single off of Inanimate Objects, below.