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Welcome Back To The NYLON Book Club

Our June selection is ‘Salt Houses’ by Hala Alyan

It's June! And among all the exciting things this month brings (summer is here! The days are longer! It's Gemini season!), there is one that stands out more than most: It's time for the next edition of the NYLON Book Club. This month, our book is Salt Houses by Hala Alyan.

Alyan's debut novel spans over 50 years in the life of the Yacoubs, a Palestinian family that lives a life of enforced peripateticism, in which they find themselves moving from country to country, over and over rebuilding their homes. It is a profoundly moving novel about dislocation and alienation, rebuilding and strengthening, but while these experiences might be universally recognized, Alyan deftly explores them through the intimate lens of one family, thus making these larger-than-life emotions resonate with readers on a cellular level.

Join us on Facebook Live on June 29 at noon as we talk to Alyan about Salt Houses, and chime in with questions of your own! To help you along with that, we'll be giving away 10 copies of Salt Houses to commenters on the Facebook invite, below.

Happy reading!