Our October NYLONBox Is Here!

Get your monthly fix of beauty, skin care, and accessories

Boo! The October NYLON Box is here, and it’s just as bewitching as you’d expect. If you haven’t already heard about them, our monthly subscription boxes are delivered right to your door and include our editors’ favorite beauty products for you to try. Here at the NYLON offices, we’re really getting into the Halloween spirit, and so we've curated a box specifically designed to bring those spooky vibes your way.

Just not that into Halloween? This month's box still has you covered. Our assortment of beauty, skin care, and accessories is the perfect addition to your daily routine. This month’s selects were made with the change of seasons in mind—lots of ultra-moisturizing and conditioning products to keep you glowing and gorgeous throughout the fall and winter.

You can subscribe here (and use the code “FIRSTFIVE” at checkout for $5 off your first box). If surprises aren't your thing, get a sneak peek of what’s inside, below.

Photo courtesy of Botanic Farm

Botanic Farm, Black Soybean Milk Pudding Sleeping Pack, Full Size for $28, available at Botanic Farm.

This mask works while you sleep, leaving your skin toned and soft by morning.

"If you're looking for a sheet mask that's both effective and entertaining, this is it. Just make sure to use a heavy moisturizer afterward, as it can be a little stripping." —Taylor Bryant, web editor

Photo courtesy of Vinca

Vinca, Chef’s Knife earrings, $17.95, available at Vinca.

Sweeney Todd vibes, without the gore—no ears will be harmed in the wearing of these earrings.

"I wear my new earrings whenever I need a confidence boost—works like a (very sharp) charm." —Angela Lashbrook, social media editor

Photo courtesy of Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo, Rosemary Grapefruit 5oz Deodorant, from $9, available at Etsy.

No matter your star sign, this all-natural deodorant will leave you feeling and smelling fresh.

“This tiny pot of deodorant is the perfect size for a pocket, wallet, or bag. And it actually works thanks to all-natural but effective ingredients like sodium bicarbonate and arrowroot. An array of nut butters and scented oils leave your pits well-moisturized, in addition to aromatically pleasant.” —Tina Vaden, senior video editor

Photo courtesy of Inked by Dani

Inked by Dani, Temporary Tattoos Crescent Moon, $12, available at Inked by Dani.

All the tatted vibes, without the commitment of the real thing.

"I love these tattoos for festival season. I also recently discovered that you can use them to decorate a pumpkin. So multi-seasonal!" —Amber Bek, creative and merchandising manager

Photo courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte Cosmetics, Glow Liquid Highlighter in Stunner, Full Size for $29, available at Tarte Cosmetics.

The current highlighter craze has led to a head-spinning number of choices on the market. You can stop your search now—this limited-edition highlighter works on every skin tone and has the perfect dewy finish.

"I have something of a highlighter addiction and yet never tried a liquid until now. Needless to say, I’m obsessed. The shimmer is subtle and you only need a little to shine all day." - Emily Bliss, customer care and logistics manager

Photo courtesy of Linne Botanicals

Linne Botanicals, Smooth Body Balm, Full Size for $68, available at Linne Botanicals.

Full-body moisturizing, perfect for the change-of-season skin chapping that targets us all.

"This magical pot has enough hydration to keep your skin supple and smooth from AM to PM. Its earthy scent is just the icing on the cake." —Hafeezah Nazim, digital assistant

Photo courtesy of Nion Beauty

Nion Beauty, Opus Express Pink, $39.95, available at Nion Beauty.

Pretty much the cutest millennial pink gadget you can add to your skin-care ritual.

"I absolutely love this! After one use, I could see and feel the difference in my skin. I love that I can use it daily and it's small enough to travel with. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to enhance their skin-care routine." - Jessica Mannarino, office manager and executive assistant