NYLON’s January Guest Book Ft. Cardi B, Ravyn Lenae, London O’Connor + More

“Say Cheese!”

by nylon

Every day, amazing talent passes through our glittery-pink NYLON doors, from new bands to rising stars to your favorite It Girls. While we could just write their words down, let’s be honest... a picture’s worth a thousand of them. Here’s who visited us this month.

New year, new guests! The NYLON office has been filled with a ton of this year's hottest musicians and we're only one month into 2017. 

Katie Stelmanis, vocalist behind electronic-project Austra stopped in to perform songs from her new release Future Politics. Cherry Glazerr sent angsty punk vibes throughout the office with a short set. And 18-year-old rapper Kodie Shane stopped by to hang (and we can't stop obsessing over her newest release, Big Trouble Little Jupiter).  

Morgxn shared his soulful falsetto when he played a few songs for us in the office. London O'Connor hyped us up for his debut album OΔ, which finally drops on February 17Before heading off on her February tour, Adia Victoria graced us with her presence once more. 

DC-based musician NAIMAH stopped by for a quick catch up before Kevin Garrett seranded us with his guitar. Khalid also dropped in to bless us with his beautifil vocal chords. Vagabon chilled with us to celebrate the release of new drum-filled track "Minneapolis." 

Pronoun treated us to a cozy in-office set, and Ravyn Lenae gave us a rundown on her super fly style. One-liner queen Cardi B. rolled through and we really wish she stayed to be our receptionist. Finally, to recover from all of these amazing surprises, Divine Movement taught us a thing or two about self-care.   

Check it all out in the slideshow, below.

Austra gave us all a lesson in Future Politics and swoon-worthy vocals.

Cherry Glazer proved that the adage "if it's too loud, you're too old" rings true for NYC office neighbors.

We could look at memes all day with Kodie Shane.

Morgxn relaxed after a killer set at reception.

London O'Connor, making uniforms cool since *2015.

We're head over heels for Adia Victoria's soulful voice.

So much love for Naimah!

Kevin Garrett and his cool guitar.

Khalid is the future.

Vibing hard with Vagabon.

We could listen to pronoun perform forever.

Ravyn Lenae is too cool for school. (Literally.)

We love you, Cardi B. Don't ever change.