NYLON’S September Guest Book Ft. Anne Dereaux, Chris Moukarbel + Charlotte Cardin

“Say Cheese!”

by Hafeezah Nazim

Every day, amazing talent passes through our glittery-pink NYLON doors, from new bands to rising stars to your favorite It Girls. While we could just write their words down, let’s be honest... a picture’s worth a thousand of them. Here’s who visited us.

September marks a major time for change—in weather, in style, and in routine, as students gear up to return to class and summer Fridays wind down to a quiet close. Luckily, our guests this month helped us transition away from those balmy summer nights and into breezy, autumn evenings with ease and fun.

Chris Moukarbel gave us the inside scoop on his time directing Lady Gaga's Netflix documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Twowhile Charlotte Cardin took us to cloud nine with her ethereal performance in our studio. Anne Dereaux wowed us with heartfelt, stripped-down performances of tracks off of her new EP, Book of Lolita, and Fiona Silver's dreamy tunes helped us get through a really long work week. Knox Fortune left the windy city of Chicago to hang with us in the Big Apple, and Sabrina Carpenter stole our hearts with her warm and welcoming smile. 

Click through our gallery, below, and stay tuned to see who stops by next month. 

Anne Dereaux is serving some '90s Beetlejuice vibes, and we totally dig it.

Chris Moukarbel looks like a shining star in front of our ~artsy wall~

Knox Fortune was a super-fun hang, and we're so glad he stopped by while he was in town from Chicago.

No, thank YOU, Charlotte Cardin!

Sabrina Carpenter is too cute for words.

Fiona Silver, please eat our hearts out.