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We’re Still Not Over This Gender-Inclusive Music Series

The Hum is changing the music industry

by nylon

The Hum series, if you’ve forgotten, is the most innovative music experience out there right now. Each artist featured is a woman or genderqueer, which means no cis men—because honestly, they dominate everything else. And instead of headlining acts, each show features two artists performing together as a collaboration, or “dream band.” Goodbye, power dynamics.

While the series wrapped in May, we’re still reliving the final lineup, which featured Thao and Mirah, two musicians who have previously collaborated and linked up again for an epic series finale. Thao sums the experience up perfectly: “I think there’s a comfort in the shared experience when working with women.” We’re ready for more inclusive events like this and can’t wait for next year’s event.

ThrdCoast came through with a recording of their performance and a backstage interview with the two artists. Check it out, below.