nylon news, episode 6

featuring a very special guest

by nylon

The trouble with news is that it's become so damn newsy. And by newsy, we mean boring. And by boring, we mean, not enough hats! So, we decided to make a weekly show in which we replace "facts" with sass, speculation, and bias, all while still managing to get you the information you need to start your week off knowing the important stuff. 

This week, senior editor Mickey Stanley and senior digital editor Gabrielle Korn are holding down the fort in Taj's absence. To help them deliver all the news you need, they brought in a very special guest: Calvin Klein. Watch as they discuss the royal baby, the most popular movies in America and China, and the important holiday coming up this weekend. 

Also: Calvin's hoodie is available at NYLON Shops. Because it's the best thing ever. 

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