Make Working Out Fun With Cute, Motivational Gym Gear

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    by · April 21, 2016

    Photo by Gear From Last Night

    Sometimes the pressure of beach season is just not enough motivation to get us back in the gym. If that sounds familiar, we may have another solution for you. Enter: gym gear that puts a hilarious twist on its traditional counterparts. Inspiring us to get up and make sure we’re “Not F***ing Around,” these pieces make the dreaded treadmill a walk in the park that ends with the reward of tacos. That may seem counterproductive, but if you’re carrying a gym bag that says “Pizza & Squats” on it, we’re not going to question it. Whether you’re working out to “Flex On Your Ex” or you simply just “Did It For The Insta,” these motivational items are sure to get you moving. Even if it just gets you laughing, you’ll at least be working out your core.

    Click through the slideshow to check out some of the amusing fitness products, now available at the NYLONshop. And, hey, you never know—it might inspire you to actually hit the gym.

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