nylon tv: cole alexander of black lips

styles from miles…

by Josh Madden

A bunch of years back--more like a lifetime ago, to be exact--I had the pleasure of DJing a bunch of parties in a handful of different places around the world. I don't mean to be vague but it was really spread out and kind of a wild time, much of which I don't remember--but I do remember this crazy rad Toots and the Maytals shirt Cole Alexander had.

I guess I neglected to mention that in this time of traveling all over the place, a lot of the parties and shows and stuff also featured the wild band called Black Lips. I remember this one time, I DJ'd this party at SXSW and the dudes brought out GZA from Wu Tang and it was so wild and packed and well...I digress. The point that I guess I have to make is that I love Black Lips. And aside from them being an awesome band, they have the coldest style of most any band you'll see--in fact I always wondered if the style thing was on purpose, because I never wanted to kook out and ask them about it.

So, a few weeks back we had tho opportunity to finally talk to Alexander about clothes and well, it's pretty mind blowing to see how extensive his knowledge is of old denim and workwear and stuff. I should've guessed he had a ill collection, but for real, everything this dude pulled out of his bag was extra fresh. We gotta give a shout out to his lady, Zumi Rosow, who has equally incredible style and taste.

Check out the latest NYLON TV as we take a look at the Black Lips frontman's collection of rad old stuff from Coogi and Wrangler to Prison Blues and all the T-shirts I'll forever be hunting for. Also if you don't own some Black Lips records, you need to change that and you can do so HERE--their latest record Underneath The Rainbow is super chill. Oh, also follow Black Lips on Twitter HERE and follow Cole Alexander in Instagram HERE.