NYLON TV: Joe, Marvin, and Jeremy

Talking politics…and by politics we mean fashion shows…

by Josh Madden

Joe Jonas has been a NYLON Guys pal for a while now. It's not uncommon for our homie to stop by the office and chat with the staff here whenever he's in town, and it's during one of those visits we came up with an idea. Sitting around our NYLON Editor-n-Chief Marvin Scott Jarrett's office, talking about everything from which Vine feeds to follow, and our favorite chow spots to menswear, we thought it might be cool to film some of these candid conversations.

Which brings us to this, the first episode on our brand new NYLON Guys channel, in which Marvin Scott Jarrett and our good buddy Joe ride around, and well...just talk. This is one of our favorite NYLON TV episodes ever, and what a way to kick things off. Thanks to our good buds Honduras for providing the soundtrack and as always, our bro Joe Jonas for the good hangs.

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