nylon tv: sushi with travie McCoy

A Class Act…Gym Class to be exact…

by Josh Madden

Man...I love Travie McCoy. Let me start by saying I have crossed paths with Trav through the years and regardless of what is going on he's always been a no-nonsense, bright light of a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) livin' dude. This is one of those guys that walks into a room and spends the first five minutes giving hugs and hi fives around the room and the love he has put forth into the world has come back to meet him.

This time around I got to sit down with Trav and talk about his beginnings in art (I honestly never knew he did tattoos) and his all-too-common Columbia House fraud (Gervis McCray?) In the end it's pretty clear that there is no line where he stops and the famous dude begins--he keeps it 100 at all times. There's so much McCoy doesn't boast about, he performed at the Beastie Boys Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, he's been on sit-coms, and topped the Billboard charts repeatedly. It's rare that an everyday-vibe type guy can walk into any room, any genre, any stage, and fit in, but Trav does and I think it's because he's unafraid to try in front of the world.

McCoy's latest single "Rough Water" features Jason Mraz and the smash hit once again proves that whether he makes music with his band Gym Class Heroes, Lil Wayne, T. Pain, Fallout Boy, or really anyone you can name--Travie is gonna come up aces. Thank you, my friend, for taking the time to kick it, I can't wait to hear your new record when it's finished!