Photo by Noah Boskey


back-to-school fashion, 3 ways

dress for success

by marcy huang

The hardest part about following back-to-school fashion advice is finding tips that actually align with your personal style. Not everyone dresses the same way, but we know that how-to guide is going to be useful to you for inspiration. With that in mind, we photographed three of our very own interns in looks that embody three different style personas. You’re sure to find something that will inspire you.

Be sure to flip through the gallery to check out some back-to-school style inspiration, and shop all the looks here at NYLONshop.

Photo by Noah Boskey

By pumping up the color contrast and mixing black and white, Andrea Fernandez adds some excitement to an otherwise monochromatic look. It's gritty street style, complete with an I-don’t-care attitude.

Ivory Jar, Anxiety Leather Jacket, $343, view hereCOSSAC, Low High Top, $60, view hereCOSSAC, Cropped Black Culottes, $90, view hereCrap Eyewear, The No Wave-Flat Black with Reflective Blue Lenses, $58, view hereT.U.K., White Leather Flower Creepers, $95, view here.

Photo by Noah Boskey

Diana Choi’s sweet and sassy back-to-school look combines both naughty and nice. Chunky shoes, a sheer top, and a bold bra spice up the slightly cutesy outfit and keep the look from going into little-girl territory.

Atelier Wonder, Leather A-Line Skirt, $150, view hereUntitled & Co, Maija Bra in Cocaine White, $59, view here.

Photo by Noah Boskey

We dig this sophisticated look on Lorra Barille, who paired a maxi-duster with a short dress.

Never Fully Dressed, Camel Maxi-Duster, $110, view hereEcho Club House, Chunky Heel Mule, $28, view here.