Embrace The Fall Chill With NYLONshop’s September Editorial

    Grunge is back

    by · September 22, 2016

    Photo by Natalie O’Moore

    In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, grunge is back. As fall approaches, it’s time for us to fully embrace the trend—with a 2016 update, of course.

    Don’t worry, the mainstay fabrics are still here. Flannel, velvet, and lace are slowly creeping back into our shop (and, in turn, our wardrobes) just in time for the cooler months. Seriously, embrace it, as it’s the first time in, like, 15 years you can be fully on-trend and completely comfortable and warm. Layering and mixing different textured fabrics isn’t just a necessity right now, it also looks amazing and intricate when done right. And as long as you put just a little bit of effort into looking effortless, it’s really not that hard to pull together an outfit that’ll wow everyone around you.

    Grunge has forever been characterized by varying shades of gray and black, along with plaid prints. For your simpler (black on black on black) outfits, something with a little sparkle or a strange design will always act as an eye-catcher. But when it gets chilly, pull out the warm tartan skirt in your closet. Hug it, tell it how much you missed it, then rock that shit with some of the statement accessories you’ve always wanted. Giant gold hoops? Go for it. That chunky chain necklace that you bought a few years ago but have been hesitant to wear because you wonder what people will say? Throw it on. Had your eye on that giant patch-covered bag that carries everything you could possibly need and your dog? Well, make sure you’re going somewhere that’s okay with dogs but, if so, bring the damn dog.

    If you find that there’s anything you feel you’re missing (or you just need some inspiration for the upcoming season), click through our favorite fall looks below, courtesy of NYLONshop.

    Photographer: Natalie O’Moore
    Stylist: J Errico
    Hair and Makeup: Lisa Thai
    Model: Cat Carney at APM Models

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