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6 must-have summer beauty products

hey, hottie

by marcy huang

Ah, summer. Oversized sunglasses, polka dot bikinis, and massive amounts of sun. And the one thing that makes bathing in some well-deserved R&R even better is by pampering yourself with some awesome new beauty products.

Enter our favorite beauty finds. These stylish products are actually practical and will keep you glowing and summer ready without leaving your skin out high and dry. Beat the heat and say goodbye to dry, cracked skin (and hello to the cutie by the pool!). Click through the gallery to see our must-have picks.

HAIR MASKTry a mask to repair your sun-damaged hair after a long day outside. This Bloke one uses four types of oil (count ‘em: Coconut, Argan, Almond, and Castor) to stay 100% natural and chemical free.

Bloke Body, "Restore + Hydrate" Hair Treatment, $24.95, available here.

FACIAL MISTCool yourself down while keeping your skin hydrated with a spritz of Evian. The soothing mist absorbs quickly, and is so pure it works for all skin types.

Evian, Evian Mineral Facial Mist (5 oz bottle), $12.50, available here.

LIP BALMKeep your lips hydrated and minty-fresh with a mint lip balm. The oversized size of this Bloke provides double the product as a normal tube, so you can keep on applying this fave all summer long.

Bloke body, "Sweet Mint" Organic Lip Balm, $7.95, available here.

STATEMENT POLISHCelebrate the summer indoors by spicing up your mani-pedi. Keep your hands work-appropriate with this baby pink polish from Floss Gloss, but keep it fun with a bright lime on your toes.

Floss Gloss, Baby Baby Nail Lacquer and Con Limon Nail Polish, $8.00, available here and here.

EXFOLIATING BODY SCRUBUse a body scrub to pamper your skin and leave your body glowing. The green tea, Himalayan sea salt, and coconut oil in this Bloke scrub soothes, exfoliates, and moisturizes your body for a silky smooth finish.

Bloke body, "Green Tea + Sea Salt" Body Scrub, $14.95, available here.

PINK POUTWith your eyes covered up by sunglasses, be sure to draw attention to your pout with bright, glossy lips. Bonus: These lip pencils from Laqa&Co are perfect for on-the-go because they don’t need to be sharpened.

Laqa&Co, Fat Lip Pencil in Toots, Palate Cleanser, and Shambolic, $18.00, available here, here, and here.