sneak peek: sunflower bean ‘tame impala’

we made a music video for our new favorite band + a ton of gifs

by nylontv

When I first heard of Sunflower Bean, I was convinced they were some major label fake-indie-band conspiracy. Three hyper photogenic, perfectly styled teenagers from Brooklyn? With a Heidi Slimane seal of approval? Sure. Show me the receipt.

Allegedly: Nick (guitar+ vocals) + Jacob (drums) are from Long Island and went to high school together. After graduating in 2013, they got tired of playing in their parents basements and moved to Brooklyn. Then they met Julia — ex Supercute!, model for basically all our favorite brands (Lazy Oaf, Opening Ceremony, and oh you know, YSL) — and Sunflower Bean happened. Together, they make gloomy, psychedelic pop that’s studied (there’s Neu!, a little Sleep, tons of Led Zepplin) but somehow not archaic. Julia’s called it ‘neo psychedelic for the digital age,’ and I think that’s pretty perfect.  

Collaborating on the video for their new single Tame Impala (which dropped last month on Interview) was a dream. It’s super rare to find a band that [entirely] shares the same aesthetic references, and when it aligns perfectly with yours, its really magical. 

Basically, we’re so psyched on this video (#2 in our new music video series!) and can’t wait to show you on Tuesday. In the meantime, here’s some GIFs. And their Bandcamp