oasis falafel

Move over Mamoun…

by nylon

To anyone living in Manhattan, the word "falafel" automatically takes you to Mamoun’s effervescent shacks in East and Greenwich Village. But the smell of Mamoun’s deep-fried chickpeas doesn’t reach the depths of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Instead, the locals are privy to Oasis on North 7th and Bedford, and let us tell you; the smells are just as enticing, if not an inch more. Oasis, run by Lebanese-Americans, sells everything from falafel to tabbouli, a salad with parsley, tomato and cracked wheat cut so finely you can barely tell what it is. The place is a Middle-Eastern haven, selling massive falafel sandwiches, with Mediterranean pickles, hummus, tahini and a type of chilli found in Lebanon, Greece and Italy, for three dollars a pop.Explore the full menu out HERE and if you see us there stuffing our faces...don't judge!

-Rashed Aqrabawi