obsessed: css

from the best-smelling hand balm to the funniest vid on the web.

by rebecca willa davis

The West Coast leg of the NYLON Music Tour is just winding down, and we've already been blown away by our openers CSS. Talk about a band that brings it--and it seems that they've been enjoying themselves, too. "It's been super good," guitarist/drummer Carolina Parra told us as the band was en route to Denver. If you've seen them live, we're certain you've fallen hard (and if you haven't yet, check the remaining tour dates here), so we wanted to know: What has CSS been really, really into? Here are their current obsessions:

Hunx and His Punx

"He's just come out with a new record that I only heard one song, but I got so excited that I've already pre-ordered the vinyl version of it. It's a yellow vinyl that comes with fake tattoos!"--Luiza Sa

"Bi-Racial" by Sean Fury

"This video is this R&B guy singing about this girl that is biracial and he loves her, but she's having a hard time trying to chose which way to go. You have to see it! We can't stop watching it."--Ana Rezende

CSS Makeovers

"It's a thing we did ourselves, this TV show called CSS Makeovers.We watch reality shows all the time, and we wanted to do something Bravo-inspired. We were sort of scared that it wouldn't be as fun to watch as it was to make, but it came out really well."--Carolina Parre

Arrested Development

"I haven't watched the new ones yet because I need to finish the old ones. I'm totally obsessed with it, and I've been watching on tour every day. I've been watching nonstop--I don't know what I'll do [when I finish it], I guess I'll have to find something else." --Ana Rezende


"My grandfather used to raise orchids and he would get into competitions, and when I was a kid I didn't understand--he would just spend so much time taking care of the flowers, and I thought it was silly. But now I understand and I think it's such a beautiful thing. My favorite flower for beauty are roses, and just staring at them lately has been bringing me lots of joy."--Lovefoxxx

Old Johnny Depp Movies

"The TV [on the bus] is playing a lot of Johnny Depp movies and we're on our second one and we're going to watch a third one. The first was Cry Baby, the second was Edward Scissorhands, and someone's going to play What's Eating Gilbert Grape. I think we've all seen them [before], but it was when we were younger and Johnny Depp was very famous--well, he's still famous. We're loving watching the films. He has crazy baby skin, it's crazy!"--Carolina Parra

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

"I really love how Aesop's products smell, because they always smell really fresh and they don't stay in your skin for 24 hours, you know? They're pretty natural. I use their hand balm, and it smells kind of like dirt, in the most wonderful way. I like the idea of using a perfume but I can never find a perfume that I like--it's kind of frustrating!"--Lovefoxxx

30 For 30

"I'm obsessed with the ESPN documentary series "30 For 30." It's 30 different films--all documentaries--from when ESPN became a 30-year-old network. They got the best documentary people to make the best documentaries about sports, and they're all really amazing. They have the people that directed Grey Gardens, [for example]. I love sports, so does Ana, so we love watching sports; we were recording last year and watching the Olympics every day!"--Luiza Sa

Finding Great Coffee

"Everyone in the band really, really, really likes coffee, but I really like making coffee, I like all the different ways to make coffee and the size you have to grind it and all the different things. I m really crazy with that. That's my biggest obsession in life! Everywhere we go we try to find a good coffee place, which is now easy because it's fashionable; it's the best fashion you guys can have! I really like the coffee in this called Troost in Greenpoint, [Brooklyn]." --Carolina Parre