the coolest mother/daughter duo of all time?

by ali hoffman

A few days ago, we featured our favorite mother/daughter duos--and you may have noticed a certain rockstar royalty twosome was absent from the list. Our reasoning for this is simple: we wanted to dedicate an entire feature to Georgia Jagger and Jerry Hall--because, well, they're that cool. As luck would have it, we found time to chat with the two blondes at the launch event for their new Sunglass Hut campaign. We dished about what they love and what they don't (i.e. Hall tried watching Dontown Abbey but found it "a bit boring"). And in many ways, the dynamic between the two mirrored every mother-daughter relationship we know: Tons of talking over each other and interrupting, a couple smirks at each other's remarks, and most of all, a shared sense of humor. Check out the interview below and don't forget to wish your mom a happy Mother's Day come Sunday.

TV Shows: JH: "Oh I'm obsessed with Duck Dynasty! It's my favorite show! Georgia's brother Gabriel, my youngest, he's 15 and it's his favorite show too. We watch it all the time together. We record all the episodes. GJ: "I'm getting into it too. I've only seen a few. I've been into Game of Thrones. It's so good. My dad's into that one. JH: "I love Breaking Bad too."

Sunglasses: GJ: We both love sunglasses. I really like these green Ray-Bans with the mirrored lenses. JH: I like these ones (of the pair she's wearing)."

Magic Transistor: JH: "We're both obsessed with her sister--my daughter--Elizabeth works for this company Magic Transistor. It's really cool." GJ: "It's like a radio. They play old vinyl records. We listen to that a lot. It's really good."

Movies: GJ: "I saw the Silver Linings Playbook. I thought that was really good." JH: "I really enjoyed Barbra Streisand in that movie Guilt Trip. I recognized myself a lot in her." GJ: "She watched it last night."

Summertime: GJ: "I'm going to some festivals this summer. The summer kind of chills out in modeling, so I'd like to stick around London a bit. And hopefully I'll go on holiday somewhere. JH to GJ: "Well, hopefully you'll come and visit me in the south of France."