on major league baseball and joining the army.

by ray siegel

The day after the New York Mets and the New York Yankees played their first games of the season, Victoria's Secret Pink introduced a limited edition Major League Baseball collection. Model--and Yankees fan--Jessica Hart showed her support at her launch alongside actual Yankee Robinson Cano, who encouraged the Australian to pick up some short-shorts and an old-school Yankees logo tank. While Hart wasn't opposed to his immodest selections, she had a few other obsessions in mind.

BASEBALL I've never been to a game, since I'm Australian. But I've been here for seven years, so it's become part of my culture and I've become a fan by default. It looks like so much fun, so I really want to go to a game. I'll put on my VS Pink Yankees' gear and go. I love the new sports attire line because I think it's so awesome that girls can finally have something cute and feminine to wear as fans.

VS PINK LACE BRALETTE I could go on for days about the stuff that I love from VS Pink, but my favorite bras are the little lace ones--I like to layer them. Now that it's spring, I love mixing contrasting bright colors--they're so great. I'm glad that they've started to make bras that aren't padded, which I'm always a fan of.

RODRIGUEZ After seeing Searching for Sugar Man, I'm obsessed with him. If you haven't seen the documentary yet, I won't ruin it, but his album is just insane. He was South Africa's Bob Dylan back in the day and it's just really beautiful music. I heard he's playing at the Beacon on Saturday so I'm gonna try and go.

NO EASY DAY I just finished this book that was written with Kevin Maurer, who was one of the six that killed Osama Bin Laden. It's written from his perspective and is a whole other take on what happened from the movie, Zero Dark Thirty. It was interesting to read what actually went down. I've always thought to myself, "I can't imagine going into the Army and doing what they do," and then hearing it from his point of view actually makes you want to join. He's so enthusiastic--he loves it. All the missions they go on are so intense. It's not just about the physical ability--it's about the mental abilities you need to get through it.

TRACK PANTS I live in the VS Pink tracksuit pants--I probably wear them too much. At first I think that I'll wear them when to walk my dog and then I end up thinking, "I'll just wear them to breakfast," and then before you know it, I'm wearing my tracksuit pants all over the place.

TV Mad Men is my favorite, so I'm waiting for that to come back on. In the meantime, I've been watching Californication just for fun--it's not as serious, a bit stupid even. I also love Downton Abbey.

MISSONI HANDBAGS I couldn't pick one favorite designer, but I can tell you that I just got a new handbag by Missoni. It's the first time I've bought one of their handbags. It's this really beautiful little bowler bag and it's pastel, so I can't wait to bring it out for spring.

Il BUCO ALIMENTARI & VINERIA, 53 Great Jones St., New York City My favorite cafe is Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria, the one on Great Jones. I love that place. I try to go wheat-free and you can do that there. Plus, it's close to my apartment.

THE BAHAMAS I just went down there for the week and I got back Sunday night. We go to this little gated community with a super preppy dress code, so I took the opportunity to get really girly with preppy clothes and hats that I usually don't wear. In New York, you can't really get away with wearing that sort of thing. The dress code excludes denim, so trying to put together an outfit without denim is harder than you can even imagine for me, but I love the challenge. It's super fun.