“it’s very liberating to be in someone else’s clothes.”

by ali hoffman

“I'm definitely not a slave to fashion.”

Sitting across from me on a plush velvet couch is the iconic Kylie Minogue. She has perfect posture, a very petite frame, and is wearing just a touch of lipstick in a maude-berry stain. Though not a slave fashion, it's clear from her adorable Dolce & Gabbana floral babydoll dress she's definitely stylish.

“If people had any idea how many hours go into (getting ready), all of us girls on the red carpet...it just looks like, ‘Oh she just put on this fabulous dress!' No, I had 17 fittings for this dress."

The strangest part about talking to Kylie is how un-strange it actually feels.  She's in New York for the release of Holy Motors, a new film directed by Leos Carax, which hits theaters this week. Though this is nowhere near her first time acting, her part in this labyrinth-like film is definitely one of her more serious and layered roles. “My biggest fear was being seen so much as ‘Kylie' and not my character,” Minogue says, before telling me she's been a longtime fan of Carax's work.  Though she certainly conquers this fear in the film, the Australian singer who's won more awards than we can keep track of also manages to breakthrough this same façade of “Kylie” when sitting with me (a total stranger) and chatting about her latest obsessions. Check them out below…


Most of all, Louboutin! But I don't always enjoy wearing them, because I've got to be leaping across stage or doing ridiculous things in a heel that looks great but kill! I'm always arguing with my stylist, ‘Do I really have to wear that? I'll kill myself or kill someone!' But the second I get home that's it, heels are off, sweatpants are on. Sometimes I do step out like that and people are like, ‘Oh my God! She's out in flats!'


I'm based in London for over 20 years but Australia is my heart. I'm obsessed with spending time with my parents, my family, my nephews.


I'm on season four...Doing a marathon catch-up!


Recently I've been researching French film, connecting the dots between different historic directors. But, you could throw any movie at me and I'll probably tell you I haven't seen it...I want to make time to feed the interest. I've met so many different people in that industry.


I think fashion should be enjoyed and respected and like I said, I've been in these couture houses where the 15 year old me that was cutting my own patterns, and buying clothes at the market, and making my own clothes is like, ‘Tell her you're at Jean Paul Gaultier!'...It's fun but it's time consuming.


Because I'm not always very kind to myself. I'm trying to go a bit slower--not physically slower…I want to get to the same ending without the same noise in my head.