obsessed: marina and the diamonds

fake lashes that you can wear for days, and more of the musician’s faves.

by rebecca willa davis

A big reason why we love Marina and the Diamonds is because musician Marina Diamandis knows how to bring the drama to her electro-pop songs. So no surprise that tonight she's getting the Glee treatment--that's right, tune in to the Fox TV show this evening to hear the William McKinley High School glee club's rendition of "How to Be a Heartbreaker." "There's no romance to it," admits Diamandis of the process of getting her track selected for an episode, adding that it was as simple as getting a call saying they were interested and needed her approval. "I obviously know what Glee is, I've watched a few things online, but I've never watched a full episode," notes the Welsh singer-songwriter. She promises, however, that that will change tonight--"I'm going to be on the road, so I'll be able to watch it in a hotel room." We wouldn't be surprised if Diamandis, who conjured up an alter-ego Electra Heart for her most recent album, quickly becomes a big fan of high-on-theatrics show (especially since she's embarking on a US tour in May and will have lots of down time to catch up on the series). But in the meantime, we wanted to know what she's obsessed with. Here are her current favorites:

LEATHER JACKETS I keep buying leather jackets--I bought a really nice black leather jacket from Acne. And then Celine has another leather jacket; it's really nice but for something ridiculous, like eight grand, so I'm not sure I'm going to invest in it. But I think Celine's my favorite designer ever.

JOHN WATERS MOVIES I just watch movies all at once. At the moment I'm into John Waters--all the films are so ridiculous and kitschy and very, very campy. It's inspiration for the tour!

THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER I buy a lot of books and then I never, ever read them--it's really bad. I did read The Perks of Being a Wallflower; I read it after I saw the film on a plane a few weeks ago, so I just wanted to read the book. ICELAND I'd love to go to Iceland--I've never been before! I feel like it's three hours [from England], but it's incredibly expensive compared to the UK. But I'd still love to go.

CHUPI There's a jewelry designer who I love in Ireland and she just designs really delicate gold jewelry. You know, jewelry that you have on and you forget that you have on; it's really simple. I have five [pieces from Chupi]; there's a necklace called the infinity necklace--it's just a circle, basically. And then there are some really cute rings--heart rings, initial rings.

BROOKLYN BARS The Wythe Hotel has British pub bar with really nice food. There's another bar in Greenpoint called Black Rabbit which is good. I just like cocktails; I like quite strong drinks!

VELOUR LASHES They're cruelty-free [fake lashes], but they're made of mink fur. They're definitely not cheap but they will last for 25 times, and they're the best lashes I've ever had in my life. This is the bad thing with fake lashes: You start wearing them in the day and start feeling like a drag queen! Like, How did this happen?!

BREAKING BAD Everyone loves Breaking Bad, but I'm obsessed with it. In the UK I think we're just on the end of season five, but everyone shares the files on tour. I hate anything that's boring or violent action films, so when I started watching Breaking Bad, I couldn't fucking believe it! But I'm not really a TV person.

Visit marinaandthediamonds.com for more info and tour dates--and don't forget to tune in to Glee tonight on Fox!