Photo courtesy of Off Bloom


Off Bloom’s “Falcon Eye” Will Shake Your World Right

Do you want it all?

Your ears can get tired when a major part of your job is to listen to music. Yet, it's still a wonderful privilege to hear all the new sounds because bands like Off Bloom enter your life and rock it. And in Off Bloom's case, it'll rock your life hard.

The Copenhagen trio is the answer to the question of what Flume and Sleigh Bells would sound like if they joined forces. With floor-rattling drums and booming 808s, Off Bloom layer a variety of instruments to delightfully unexpected effect. Their debut EP, Love To Hate It, is five songs of spunky, genre-defying, daring, sexy dance music. "Falcon Eye," Off Bloom's newest song, is yet another outstanding piece of work. It slinks, swerves, and drops into an ecstatic chorus. 

"'Falcon Eye' is about the fight between the ecstasy and destruction that exists in all great things: love, partying, passion, sex, believing, nature," the band tells us. It's their rallying cry. You savvy? Shake it like you want it all.