Video Premiere: Oh Honey’s “Sugar, You”

adorable folk pop to dance to

"Sugar, You" by Brooklyn-based duo Oh Honey is just about the catchiest, sweetest, most danceable folk-pop song we've heard this year, with an earnestness that's kept in check by the simplicity of the song's message. As the band tells us, "It's about that person in everyone's life who you kind of crush on from a distance. It's pretty much like, Hey what's up, I kinda like you, let's hang."  Driven by acoustic guitars, hand-clap-ready choruses, and ebullient male/female harmonies, it's as easy to listen to as it is to relate to.

Fittingly, the video is just as sweet as the song. Inspired by the magical worlds of Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland, the video features two very attractive strangers who meet and proceed to experience that crushin'-from-afar thing that the song is about. "There's nothing better than the beginning of a new relationship and all the possibilities that come with it," the band tells us, saying they want viewers of the video to feel "the butterflies when you meet someone you connect with, the excitement of a new romance." Mission accomplished

Watch the exclusive premiere, below.