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OK Go’s New Video For “Upside Down & Inside Out” Defies Gravity

in zero gravity dude

OK Go are noted for capturing hearts with their upbeat, electronic sound. They are, however, even more noted for capturing eyes with their ultra-viral, high-concept music videos. Matter of fact, their newest one, "Upside Down & Inside Out," is so very viral it comes with a full explanation. The band's disclaimer cautions, "What you are about to see is real. We shot this in zero gravity, in an actual plane, in the sky. There are no wires or green screen." Now if these few sentences haven't made you alarmed yet, then the opening scene of the video will.

The four members of the band are calmly sitting in their seats on their laptops as the techno beat starts to kick in. Nothing out of the ordinary, until, that is, all of them start to literally bounce off the walls of the plane. It gets crazier when a pair of real-life S7 air hostesses join in and a suitcase full of colorful balls opens up. You know, just the usual.

According to the video's FAQ (yes, it has a Frequently Asked Questions section), "a lot of our crew got sick; over the 21 flights, there were 58 puke events during shooting." Well that makes for an interesting day, no doubt. The video was created in collaboration with Russia's S7 Airlines and required the band to enter three weeks of training at Roscosmos (basically the Russian equivalent of NASA). Watch the video above ... if you dare.