Watch This Early Video of a Pre-fame Beyonce

so blurry, so perfect.

For her 34th birthday, let's reflect.

Before Beyonce starred in the biggest, most over-produced videos on the planet, she starred in the smallest, most under-produced videos on the planet. Exhibit A B C and D is this recently unearthed clip from the Houston rapper Lil' O, for his lo-fi funk escapade, "Can't Stop." The track was recorded in 1997 and features vocals from 16-year-old Beyonce and the two original members of what would go on to become Destiny's Child. They show up in the wonderfully blurry video too, which chronicles your average Saturday night in Houston: cruising down the freeway in your automobile, and hard chillin' at the club. There's Beyonce—who probably had some math homework to finish—showing off her early dance moves in a parking lot, and nonchalantly bobbing her head in the backseat of a car, the only one on that set who knew that in few years. she'd become queen. Check it out.