lomo rolls out an analogue movie camera!

by liza darwin

The creative geniuses over at Lomography have already put their retro stamp on everything from Sardine can cameras to stationery to even a Diana plastered with naked people (okay, it's Adam and Eve, but still...). But who says your scrapbook should have all the analogue fun?

Yesterday the brand debuted the LomoKino, a 35mm movie camera. This little black box comes complete with an old-school hand crank and shoots 144 frames in lomo's trademark sundrenched shades.

So whether you feel like finally indulging in your Sofia Coppola fantasies or just documenting a fun weekend with your friends, it doesn't matter. At just $79, we can't think of a better way to start making movie magic.

Get a sneak preview below, and buy the LomoKino here.

Western Inspiration - LomoKino from Lomography on Vimeo.