oliver clark spring 14 video

Dance n’ Dive with our favorite designers new campaign video…

by Josh Madden

Our best buddy and one of our favorite footwear (and now eyewear) designers Oliver Clark dropped his spring '14 campaign video today, and if you didn't absolutely love this guy before, you will now. The Bushwick-based creative is part Beavis of (Beavis and Butthead), part Richard Simmons, part Wayne Campbell and an all awesome designer. Clark shot the campaign video entirely on his own--the finished product took approximately 250 hours to make.

The new collection, named for his cat Randy, includes the classic wedges we've come to love, new super wedges, wedge boots, slip-on boot wedge, and a brand new simple sneaker. Clark recently released his first spectacle design, a collaboration with Lee Allen. His entire range of products for men and women can be seen and purchased HERE along with his amazing illustrations and growing number of self[-] made videos. Pro-tip: for a good time follow his Instgram HERE--it's the wildest and most entertaining feed to follow.