Olivia Munn’s “Bad Blood” Lip Sync Performance Is Gold

just maybe a bit late

Within mere minutes of premiering Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, the Internet was filled with memes, GIFs, and commentaries about everything from the plot line and cinematography to the bevy of stars featured. The term #SquadGoals was coined and used to no end, and thousands of parodies were just a quick Google search away. Although it all ripened in record time, the phenomena continued. Just when we thought we got away from it all, Olivia Munn gave her own rendition of the now-classic song on Lip Sync Battle. Given the fact that she's a bit late to the party, it's pretty great.

The quick performance—which used the original album version of the song (read: no Kendrick Lamar verse)—wasn't filled with the same kind of crazy choreography that we're used to seeing on the show, but it did deliver some interesting surprise guests like Chanel Iman, Charlotte McKinney, WWE wrestler Big Show, and an actual member of Taylor's crew, Jamie King. It helped Munn win the title of "Lip Sync Champion" for the night, even though her competitor Kevin Hart delivered some pretty spectacular performances, as well.