get a smoky eye that won’t smudge- ever.

by liza darwin

The smoky eye look is great in theory. It's mysterious, sexy and smudged in a "she's come undone" kind of way. But if your nights consist of more than sitting in your room and looking pretty (i.e. late-night dancing, crowded concerts, packed parties, or all of the above), this perfect eye makeup can go from slightly mussed up to a grimy mess very fast.

But now there's the new Smoky Eye Stick from Buxom, a multitasking waterproof crayon that works as a liner and a shadow. You can swipe it and smear it on in less than a minute, and it won't go anywhere. Period. Bonus: the pencil comes with a built-in sharpener so you're always prepared, no matter if you're at a sweaty concert or just lounging around outside.

Available in 8 different hues from dark coal to moss green to plum, it's our favorite new way to get a great smoky eye--without giving up our social life.

$18 here.