on the record

an artist makes album covers… for bands that don't exist.

by liza darwin

There's no question the music market is a crowded one, and the last thing we need is another Ke$ha/ Katy Perry/ Eminem wannabe.

But a new Brooklyn art exhibit gives us a taste of not just one, but 100 new bands- and they're all awesomely different than the rest.

"100 Records," showcases the results of a yearlong project by musician Sonny Smith (frontman of indie group Sonny and the Sunsets) to create 100 new albums- and fictional bands to go along with them.

He's invited visual artists to design 7" record covers for each of the imaginary bands, which will all be on display at the show.

In addition to producing the album covers, Smith also recorded songs to correspond with each record, and enlisted friends from bands like the Sandwitches, Fresh N Only's, and Thee Oh Sees to help.

The coolest part? Every recorded song has a distinct sound, whether it's pop, spoken word, or rock n' roll. The singles will be playing from a customized jukebox at the show, so you can listen to the music while you're checking out the artwork.

So if you're like us and suffering from musical fatigue, then here's your chance to seriously branch out. With 100 brand-new songs and tons of cool stuff to see, it's a concert and an art show all in one.

August 12- September 5 at the Cinders Gallery. For more info, click here.