why visit a gallery when you can see art in a rv?

by liza darwin

Just walk the streets of New York and you'll find carts selling almost any food you can imagine. Between their massive coffee, sandwich, and cupcake selections, it's safe to say you could eat well without ever setting foot inside a restaurant.

These traveling food trucks are the inspiration behind Art Cart NYC, a brand-new mobile gallery that brings art to the streets. It's the brainchild of recent NYU grad Hannah Flegelman, who wanted a place to showcase the work of up-and-coming artists, but without the stuffiness of museums.

So all it took was a Ryder RV, some friends, and this new kind of art space was born. The cart's first exhibition, "Neon Seduction," debuted back in September in the East Village, but it will eventually make its way through the boroughs with free public showings-all in the back of the truck.

So take a break from Chelsea or Museum Mile. This DIY gallery is an awesome way to put cool new art on the map (literally).

Check out Art Cart NYC to see where the truck will be next!

Amia Yokoyama, Light Refractions, 2010.

Erin Wahed, Untitled 2 (Detail), 2009.

Corey D'Augustine, Light Pile, 2009.