One Direction, Justin Bieber, And More Want To Wish You Happy Holidays

joy to the world, indeed

James Corden likes a lot of things, including Burberry, singing in cars, and One Direction. This week, he brought all three together in a glorious 13 minutes of carpool karaoke. Gratuitous? Yes. Worth your time? Absolutely. Today he’s back with one more gift that also includes One Direction...and a slew of other carpool karaoke veterans.

Here for your holiday listening pleasure is 1D, Justin Bieber, Carrie Underwood, Stevie Wonder, Jason Derulo [written in the tune of “Jason Derulo”], Reggie Watts, Rod Stewart, and Iggy Azalea singing (and rapping, in Azalea’s case) “Joy to the World.” There are wedding gowns, Santa hats, and couples making out in public. How merry! PDA definitely falls under the holiday spirit. The only thing that could make it more joyful would be to have members of One Direction hurling sentiments your way, mid-make out. And hey! That's exactly what happened.

Happy holidays, everyone.