one on one with para one

The French producer drops a new video and dishes on his upcoming LP…

by Christian Lavery

There is nothing in the world that makes us cringe and feel as equally nostalgic for the late 80s and early 90s as television dance shows. They documented culture in way that captured the dance styles, finesse, and "steez" of their respective eras. French producer Para One has dropped a video for his brand new single "You Too" that's sure to level up this summer with the likes of Duke Dumont's "I Got U." The single is taken from his upcoming LP, Club, which is set to "hit kind of hard." The eleven song LP is set to drop oh his label Marble this July 15th in the states. Club, follows the Parisian producer's 2012 release Passion, which left a solid mark in the electronic world.

The video is a quirky and reminiscent take on the dance TV shows of yesteryear proving that no matter how much we progress as a society--youth culture tends to more or less recycle itself. Every generation, no matter the gap, has a single unifying goal in the end: to have a good time. We asked Jean-Baptiste de Laubier a few things about his new release.

What is the meaning behind the title of the single?This single is an update of a track from my previous album “Passion.” That song was called “You.” As I took it to the dance floor, turning it into an euphoric rave number, I renamed it “You Too.”

Does the concept for the video at all tie in the with the idea for the single and its title?I think this video was necessary, to put the song in that 90’s throwback context. It’s a lighter, easier song than my previous work, but it’s mostly a fun party track. We emphasized on this aspect in the video. Also the references had to be super clear, especially for those kids who barely knew those times

Are there any themes that carry over between 2012's "Passion" and your new album? What differentiates the two the most?I think those two records are chapters of the same story. They’re mirroring each other. Even the artworks are linked. The emotions behind both records are similar. Only the context and the final form differ. “Club” has a sound that’s shaped for a party environment. The structures are thought that way, too. “Passion” was more of a home-listening piece.

Can we catch you in the states soon?Yep! Working on it now…can’t confirm dates but it should be soon.

Stream the teaser fro the new LP and check out the video below:

The LP, “CLUB” is arriving July 15th for the US via Big Beat Records.


Words by Miguel Angel