This Spoken Word Artist Will Inspire You To Chase Your Dreams

“Don’t ever be the eagle that never knew that he could fly”

by Hafeezah Nazim

Chasing your dreams is never easy, but poet and program director at NYC Urban Word Shanelle Gabriel believes it's worth it.

"Opportunities might pass, ships might sail," she says. "But you have control of the mast."

In her performance of "Aim High" for NYLON, Gabriel encourages you to take fate into your own hands while acknowledging that the journey to success can be a struggle mentally, financially, and emotionally. But the HBO Def Poet, singer, and lupus advocate's impressive resume is proof that if you keep trying, you will succeed.

"Bad things happen, that's how it works out," she says. "But applause is the closest thing I've got to a hand out. It's about putting fate into your own hands, manifesting God's plans, so I aim high."

Get inspired, above.