Mae Whitman’s ‘Operator’ Is 2016’s Answer To ‘Her’

“Are you still with me?”

If we learned anything from Spike Jonze's Her, it's that men fall in love with computers. Such is the case with Logan Kibens' SXSW darling, Operator. (This should not be confused with the other movie called Operator starring Mischa Barton. They are vastly different and, as such, exist on vastly different levels of must-see.)

Mae Whitman plays Emily, a hotel concierge with a soothing voice. Martin Starr is a tech developer working on a Siri-like product in dire need of a soothing voice. Together, they are real-life lovers. Together, they have a row over Starr's infatuation with digital Emily which makes you think about our relationship with technology, whether it's possible to truly fall in love with a digital thing, and feel bad about our lack of real human connection while simultaneously learning to appreciate the real humans around us. The paradox of life is truly baffling. 

Give us a box of tissues and sign us up. Operator hits theaters soon.