Who Is Orville Peck?

There’s a new enigmatic artist in town

Is there any mystery more ubiquitous right now than that of the purposely enigmatic artist? They're everywhere! For all you know, I could moonlight as a trap lord under some inconspicuous name and costume. (I don't.) What's less common than simply being an enigmatic artist is being a convincing one. Aside from having the nerve to slide into an editor's inbox (or DMs!) without much background information, it takes a fully fleshed-out idea that's compelling enough to leave you wanting more.

Orville Peck is that kind of artist.

Not much is known about the guy other than the few emails we've exchanged. Here's what we can tell you:

• Peck uses he/him pronouns.

• He's a "cowboy" and hails from, as he tells me, "many places."

• "Dead Of Night" is Peck's first song. It centers around a love story with a hustler biking through Nevada. "What starts as whirlwind romance in the desert, ends in tragedy and then the vague memory that remains a dream," Peck says.

• Peck has a handful of country tunes and a series called Orville & Friends coming, where he covers songs with musicians like Jen Clavin, Mish Way, "and some feller named Mac."

Intrigued? Same. Watch, below.