our/new york

A global brand with local roots…

by Josh Madden

Manhattan hasn't had its own vodka distillery since the 1920's, but come November this will all change when Our/Vodka opens a micro-distillery quaintly titled Our/New York.

Our/Vodka was started by six entrepreneurs in Stockholm, Sweden had an idea of creating a global brand with local roots. With 11 cities scheduled to launch micro distilleries this year, Our/New York has partnered with city legends Dave Ortiz and Kevin Carney founders of Dave's Wear House. These two have organized and hosted some of the most innovative events in the community- mixing their city roots with locally sourced ingredients, they'll be to capture all of NY's characteristics in a bottle.

"Our/Vodka is interesting because it isn't based on superficial ideas, it's real people that are from the city that any person can relate to. It's not a celebrity endorsement which to me has seen done and is very transparent".-Dave Ortitz

"The other cities are like our brothers and sister, we are all different but we have the same DNA. What we envision for our city is to tell OUR story and to grow a brand that New Yorkers can identify with".-Kevin Carney

Be sure to check out the full Our/Vodka Story below and find out more about the company HERE.

-words by Yung Will