mulberry confirms the satchel trend with their new tillie bag.

by faran krentcil

Much like high school boys in Clueless, status bags are "a choice that every girl has to make for herself." Do you shell out the $500+ for an "investment piece" that also happens to be a celebrity trademark?  Or do you stick with your vintage pile of $20 treasures?

Mulberry, obviously, says "go for the gold" - the Gold Card, that is.  Their famous Alexa Bag runs over $1000, and their latest creation - the Tillie - is equally costly.

The difference is that this bag really could last forever, thanks to its satchel shape.  You can use it as a work bag.  You can use it as a weekend bag.  You can use it as a "stand in the street and pretend you're not waiting for Garance D'ore to come find you" bag. You can even ditch the top strap, slip it on your wrist, and use it as a dinner-and-a-cool-bar bag. 

But if you're still not sold on the eternal chic of satchels - and their expensive issues from Mulberry, Miu Miu and Chloe, and the frenzied appeal of their big sister, Proenza Schouler's PS 1 bag - the trend mill is working in your favor.  We picked some other satchels whose price tags are more "movie ticket" than "movie star" - but they're still wicked cute.

Mulberry Tillie bag, $1175

ASOS Cambridge satchel, about $170. (Also available in green, purple, brown, navy, black, and plaid.)

Proenza Schouler PS1 bag, $1600 (Also available in black, brown, green, and snakeskin.)


Miu Miu sparkle satchel, $1350

Aldo Canova bag, $55

DKNY quilted leather satchel, $295. (Also available in black.)

Perforated suede satchel, ASOS, $200