Paid Period Leave Is Becoming A Thing

why aren’t more companies doing this?

You're on your period. You feel yourself slowly succumbing to the horrendous, painful cramps and intense bloating that come along with our "favorite" time of the month. You feel like your ovaries are trying to kill you, but know that you still have to get your distressed self out the door and to work, where you will remain in agony for the next eight hours.

Imagine if you could actually get paid time off for feeling this way? One nonprofit organization thinks you should. Coexist, a U.K.-based company, is officially allowing its female employees to take paid time off from work when their cramps are feeling extra intense. This company's "period policy" has even ensured that a woman's period days will not take away from her sick time. The executive of the organization believes that doing this will increase productivity and happiness in employees, and we couldn't agree more. Let's hope this starts becoming the norm in the U.S. For now, chocolate and Advil for lunch at your desk it is.