the designer’s guide to the best bloody mary’s, pottery painting, and vintage jewelry.

by ray siegel

After trotting the globe for our America issue we're so glad to end up right where we started: Brooklyn (our own 'hood). Jewelry designer Pamela Love lives there too, so she walked us through her own stomping grounds. She moved to the neighborhood of Greenpoint after accidentally discovering McGolrick Park on a bike ride—which she describes to be the opposite of Williamsburg's popular McCarren Park. "I was totally in love with it. I loved how quiet it was and how beautiful. The area I lived in was was kinda bumpin'—maybe too much." Now Love lives right outside of that very park, which is more up-and-coming since the jewelry designer first moved in. "There's a lot more young people, and more restaurants and shops are opening up. I think that's really great because when I first moved to the neighborhood I could never even find a deli to get a bag of potato chips."

If she needs some jewelry inspiration, a Bloody Mary or just feels like being a kid again, here's where she goes:

Best Place To Get Inspired: Brooklyn Museum (200 Eastern Parkway)

"They have something called 'The visible storage system' so you can see everything that's in storage and not out on display. They have vintage jewelry in clear acrylic boxes that you can look through. Everything is stored in clear lucite so you can see it. One of my favorites is the traditional Mexican silver section that is filled with gorgeous jewelry. I also look at their collection of old spurs from cowboy boots."

Best Place To Kill Time: Baked in Brooklyn (242 Wythe)

"During the hurricane my husband and I were stuck at home and really bored. I couldn't work on jewelry because my studio is in Manhattan. We went to this pottery painting place and it was all five year-olds. You can pick your own pottery and as many glazes as you want. I painted a skull. We thought it was just something to do during the hurricane, but we totally went back this past weekend. I'm gonna make everyone come there and paint pottery for my birthday. Everyone that works there is used to dealing with little kids that splatter paint on their pottery—but we take it really seriously. They really excited. I painted a cat the other day; he's a super Lisa Frank-style rainbow cat. They also have super useful stuff. Since we ran out of mugs in our apartment, my husband painted a few of those."

Night Hawk (136 Metropolitan Ave)

"I'm so glad that this movie theater opened up in the neighborhood. They have food that's movie themed—you can get Hawaiian cocktails while you're watching a movie about Hawaii. On Saturdays they play morning cartoons and serve Lucky Charms. At midnight they have serial killer movies. At this place you can see total blockbuster movies or really indie movies. I also like that you can get a Greek salad and a really good cocktail instead of Sour Patch Kids and cheese covered popcorn or whatever people normally eat at the movies."

Best Brunch Spot: Enid's (560 Manhattan Ave)

"I love their blood mary. I think it's the best."

The Best Way To Spend A Saturday: Brooklyn Flea Market (176 Lafayette Ave)

"I spend my summer weekends here. I've found so many great pairs of vintage boots and motorcycle jackets. I'm running out of room in my apartment, so I usually only pick up small things, though I did find a great desk there once. The food is really good too."

The Place To Get A Drink: Nights and Weekends (1 Bedford Ave)

"I really like the decor. It's this cute triangle-shaped place. It's kind of old-timey, so when I'm there I feel like i'm in a bar in Havana in the '70s. It has a really great vibe and the food is awesome too."

The Place To Find Cheap Designer Vintage: Fox and Fawn (570 Manhattan Ave)

"I always go there and find really good stuff. My husband found a pair of unworn men's Margeila shoes for $50 which was a really amazing find. I'm always finding amazing vintage there that you wouldn't expect to see. And they're really chill with pricing—you won't believe how cheap it is."

Best Place to Buy Jeans: Loren (80 Nassau Ave)

"They're really great because they also repair denim. My knees are always coming through my jeans. I have times where I have this pair where I'm so obsessed with them and I really don't want them to go. The last time I brought them they were like, 'They are so destroyed, but if you really want us to fix it we will,' so they're willing! They sell vintage denim and a couple of lines too."