pancho gonzalez by k-swiss

The greatest player in the history of the sport get’s his own shoe…

by nylon

Bud Collins wrote, “If I had to choose someone to play for my life, it would be Pancho Gonzales.” Maybe the single-handed best tennis player in American history, Ricardo “Pancho” Gonzales, largely self-taught, became the World No. 1 tennis player for eight straight years. The man is a legend, and his shoes will be legendary. K-Swiss is launching the Pancho Gonzales collection--a range of signature heritage tennis shoes--for fall '13 in tribute to his exceptional career on the court. The design of the kicks consists of a classic white, black, gray base colors with red, white, blue, and green stripes, indicative of both his Mexican and American heritage. Aside from the fact that the shoes will have his signature inscribed on the side and a sketch of Pancho himself on the tongue, they’re going for only 80 bucks a pop. The shoes are modelled on Pancho’s authentic leather tennis shoes, they practically ooze '50s suave, but still manage to keep things classy and fresh as hell. Come August (they upped the drop date to June 26th) they're available HERE we figure that give you just enough time to get your game up, even if you're self taught.

-Rashed Aqrabawi