internet lit kids make a zine!

by liza darwin

When you name your publication "the world's most perfect" anything, you're setting the bar pretty high. But given this new magazine edited by Pitchfork Reviews creator David Shapiro, it kind of makes sense.

For the zine's debut issue (out today) the NYC writer enlisted everyone from Swedish music duo jj to filmmaker Lena Dunham to novelist Tao Lin to contribute articles, images, and anecdotes to the collection.

Given its Thought Catalog-meets-Tumblr aesthetic, it might seem unusual that this group of artists (many of whom have made names for themselves online) are trying their hands at a print publication. But if you ask us, the 70-page zine proves that the two can-and should- coexist.

Consider this paper mate a necessary addition to your daily dose of screen time and buy The World's First Perfect Zine here.


"Still Believe" by jj.