Hayley Williams Plays An Unhappy News Host In Paramore’s New Video

“Rose-Colored Boy”

Paramore’s really great new album, After Laughter, is about what appears behind fake smiles and facades. It's also about cutting through unfounded optimism. The track that explores this the most is “Rose-Colored Boy,” and now, it has visuals to coincide with the song’s message.

The bandmates play a trio of old-school morning hosts on the fictional show Wake Up! Roseville. While they manage to keep things lighthearted on air, things are a lot less sunny when the cameras are off. On the verge of breaking down, lead woman Hayley Williams is confronted by her younger self. “Hayley, what are you doing?” she asks the spiraling singer. “This isn’t you. Who are you?” Which then prompts Williams to shed her cheery demeanor and embrace her rage.

The video ends with the same fake smiles it started with, though, because no one, really, wants to be confronted with someone else’s unhappiness for too long. Watch the story line unfold, below.