Paris Hilton Shares How To Pull Off Her Favorite ‘00s Fashion Trends

The early aughts “OG” spills all

Is Paris Hilton… funny? She’s been making a strong case for herself lately. In her latest comedic venture, she—“The OG” of early aughts fashion—breaks down her favorite ‘00s fashion trends in a video for W magazine. It’s a bold claim, but what would middle and high school be without your Juicy Couture velour outfit? A whole lot less comfortable, probably.

Speaking of, tracksuits are up first. If you’re going to wear one, make it colorful, Hilton says. Otherwise, “you’ll actually look like you’re going to the gym.” Mini skirts are also on her list. Those should be the size of a belt (preferably a bedazzled one); “Life’s short. Take risks,” she says. Pink is, of course, another favorite: “Trade millennium pink for millennial pink,” she suggests.

Other trends include multiple phones to stay connected to your BFF. Tiaras because “if you dress like a princess, you’ll be treated like one.” Trucker hats, but only the non-Von Dutch kind. Belly button rings, which you can show off via your low-waist jeans. And, lastly, a good attitude. “2000s babes always look like they’re having fun, and if you’re not having fun, just leave.”

BRB, heading to our local strip mall.