Paris Hilton High Off My Love Feat Birdman Song - New Music

listen to “high off my love”

Paris Hilton wants you to come alive—and not just because she has a criminally underrated song by the same name. The heiress and O.G. reality star’s career as as DJ/musician/EDM princess is picking up steam as she readies the world for her forthcoming sophomore album. The girl’s all about that turn up—and her latest single, “High Off My Love,” will get you to do just that.

With a little help from Birdman, Hilton tries her hand at trap music. She doesn’t fully commit to the subgenre, but that’s probably for the best. Her trap is approachable; let’s call it trap-lite. Perhaps she’ll go harder on the album, but for now, she’s just dabbling in the sinister sound. It’s a far cry from the bubblegum pop of her iconic hit “Stars Are Blind,” but we’re in the era of Paris 2.0 where things are hotter, huger, and heavier. Loves it.