ride the ’90s wave with h&m…yes, again.

by liza darwin

All it takes is a glance at the runway to see that '90s fashion has never really gone out of style (we have a feeling throwback kids like Charlotte Ronson, Alexander Wang, and Christopher Kane would all agree). Now H&M is the latest to jump on the time traveling machine with a new capsule collection for spring.

Before "Divided" launched in the '00s, the line of casual basics was called "Impuls." This season that same brand is getting a modern-meets-retro revamp with 14 new designs with the original name and logo. Featuring mesh maxi skirts, cutout minidresses, and a graphic crop top that would work just as well in a Jazzercise class as it would a club...well, let's just say the style is a little more Kelly Bundy than Angela Chase.

However, if you don't feel like digging through your mom's closet or splurging on the runway version, H&M has you covered as well. Sorry, requisite '90s boyfriend (ahem, Jordan Catalano) not included.

Get a first look below.