Photo courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs


Pat McGrath Is Launching A Permanent Makeup Collection

And we have photos to prove it

Stop everything you’re doing: Legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath is finally unleashing the holy grail of makeup in the form of a full, non-limited-edition line of magical cosmetics.

After two years of teasing us with instantly cult-favorited limited launches, a 60-piece collection is coming, and, as would be expected, it’s going to be glorious. “After making the world sparkle with sequin-filled lab bags containing formulations straight from the lab in sample packaging, I decided that now is the time to show the world subversive luxury, real beauty, and real quality,” she said in the collection’s press release. Introducing: Pat McGrath Labs Unlimited Edition.

Excited? That’s an understatement. Here’s what she has in store for us:

First, the stars of the line: The trio of Mothership Eye Palettes. Coming in three different colorways—The Subliminal, The Sublime, and The Subversive—each set contains 10 pigment-packed, glistening shades for $125 a piece.

Next? 40 shades (!) of lipsticks in two different finishes. All nine shades of her MatteTrance lipsticks will be re-released alongside 31 shades of LuxeTrance, a new luxury cream formulation with shade names such as “Psycho Candy” and “Apricult.” All lipsticks will retail for $38 each.

Oh, and there’s more: Five PermaGel Ultra Glide Pencils for $25 a piece, 12 PermaGel Ultra Lip Pencils for $25 each, and Dark Star Mascara for $28.

Equally as exciting as the products themselves is the packaging. All of her products come neatly packaged in literal works of art, illustrations by Instagram artists that have created work inspired by McGrath’s products and artistry. “To further deepen my commitment to serving as an incubator for new creative talent in fields beyond makeup artistry, I am very proud that Pat McGrath Labs packaging showcases young, extraordinary talented artists from around the world that I discovered on social media who were kind enough to create work inspired by #makeupbypatmcgrath,” she further stated.

Additionally, each of the palettes and lipsticks comes encased with a gold engraved hallmark, “futuristic hieroglyphs,” as she likes to call them.

When can we get our hands on it all, you ask? Well, the line will be rolling out in two segments at Starting September 16 at midnight, all 40 shades of lipsticks will be released. Then, on September 28, the palettes, lip liners, eyeliners, and mascaras will be launched.

So, in conclusion? Pat McGrath can kindly take all of our money, as this is destined to be the only line of makeup we’ll ever need in our lives. Everything this beauty guru touches turns to makeup gold, sometimes literally.

Click through the gallery below to take a closer look at what’s to come.

Photo courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs
Photo courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs
Photo courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs