This New Video From Krewella, Pegboard Nerds, and NGHTMRE Is A Girl Gamer’s Paradise

You’re a “Superstar”

Krewella recently made waves when they released their brand-new Ammunition EP and announced a string of dates under their Sweatbox Tour. If that seems like a lot for one artist's plate, well, let's not call Krewella an ordinary artist. Today, we're premiering the video for their new collaboration with Pegboard Nerds and NGHTMRE, "Superstar." With three high-octane artists coming together for one song, the track is a heavyweight dubstep smasher that sparkles with Krewella's signature inspirational vocals. 

This collaboration first came together last November, when all five musicians were free and met in a random studio session. While that many voices working together can be overwhelming, each found their own niche in the song, leading to the raucous bass fest below. Not only do the festival-pulverizing trap and dubstep signatures of Pegboard Nerds and NGHTMRE meld together flawlessly, it also harkens back to the Krewella sound everyone first fell in love with. Featuring blasting wubs and screeching topline synths with smile-inducing vocals, "Superstar" stands out as one of this summer's upcoming anthems from the Canada-based Monstercat label.

The video plays a perfect compliment, and follows a mysterious girl with bubblegum-colored hair who lives in a post-apocalyptic neighborhood in NYC. With a ray gun in tow, she harnesses futuristic technology to capture colors around her and fire them back out as gorgeously glowing art pieces on bridges, overpasses, and buildings. The director, Anthony Sylvester, says, "All in all, aside from wanting to just make a badass video for a dope, energetic song, we wanted to convey the idea that our surroundings are just manifestations of our own minds, so why not keep things wild and eclectic? Life’s more inspiring and enlightening amidst the beautiful outpourings of our own creativity." We totally agree, and love this technicolor interpretation of what it truly means to be a superstar.